Dues & Other Financial Obligations

Whitewater Rafting TripDues: The Troop charges annual Dues. This money is payable before the Troop recharters, usually by mid November.

This money pays for most of the Troop’s expenses such as merit badges and other awards, program materials, some event fees, misc. expenses, and after the first year, the Scout’s registration fee.

Dues are pro-rated for those who join partway through the season.

Food expense money: When we go camping, the Patrols plan and purchase their own food. Ideally, money is collected before the event and given to a designated “shopper”. The shopper MUST be paid by the end of the campout. All those who don’t pay then or make arrangements to pay will be referred to the Scoutmaster for action.

Money for special trips or events: Money for these events is not covered by dues and must be paid in full within the time frame set down by the person running the event.